LGV and PCV Driver Training Getting Started

We welcome individuals or businesses looking to train new drivers. All our vehicles  are loaded in line with the loading requirements for driver training and the driving test. We offer:

  • LGV / HGV driver training (Large Good Vehicle) C/C1+E (Class 1) trailer and articulated, and C/C1 (Class 2) rigid
  • PCV Passenger Carrying Vehicle, that is bus and coach driver training.

The Six Stages

There are 6 stages to gaining your LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) or PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) licence. Our commercial driver training Starter Offer (see below) will help you with the first 3 stages. You may also need to complete your Driver CPC

Stage 1 – Medical

Attend a medical examination with a Doctor and obtain a signed DVLA D4 Medical Examination Report.

Stage 2 – Apply for provisional licence

Apply for your provisional licence using the DVLA D2 form. The medical Examination Report must go with the application together with your car licence. We will provide you with the D2 and D4 forms and help you complete them.

Stage 3 – Driver assessment

The driving assessment will last for approximately 1 hour. This will give you the opportunity to meet your driving instructor and drive the vehicle in which you will be training. Your instructor will assess your driving and recommend the commercial  driver training programme required to reach test standard.

Stage 4 – Pass the Theory test

Some candidates are able to pass the theory test with minimal help, by study of the recommended books. Not everyone is comfortable with this approach, so we do offer Theory test training to guide you through what you need to know. Some of our courses have theory practice included.

Stage 5 – Practical Driver Training

Begin your practical driver training with us, as advised at the driver assessment. Practical driving will take place at our manoeuvring area and on the open road in a variety of locations.

Stage 6 – Practical Driving Test

We will arrange the test for you, using either our vehicle or your own if it is suitable.

Starter Offer

Our starter offer will help you with the first 3 stages, it includes:

  • Process your provisional licence application
  • Arrange and confirm your medical appointment
  • A free practical driving assessment

To pass your HGV/LGV or PCV driving test with confidence just call 01254 384857

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