Initial Driver CPC

Initial Driver CPC modules

The Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is a European wide qualification for professional lorry, bus and coach drivers with intention of maintaining a high standard of driving and therefore improve road safety.

  • New Lorry, Bus and coach Drivers who wish to have a full C, C1, D and D1 category driving licence must complete the 4 modules of the Initial Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) driver CPC test before they are legally allowed to drive with cargo and passengers.
  • These rules have been put in place by the DSVA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).
  • The Initial driver CPC is solely for new drivers just acquiring their licence for the first time.
  • The CPC lasts for 5 years, and must be renewed by the driver before expiry. See our Driver CPC page for more details.

There are many exemptions from parts of the initial CPC for specific circumstances, we are able to advise.

Module 1 – Theory Test

Multiple choice questions & hazard perception clips. This module consists of:

  • 100 multiple choice questions using a touch screen computer. You do not have to be computer literate to take this test. The pass mark is 85 out of 100.
  • Hazard perception clips are shown on a computer screen, the sooner you spot the hazard the more points you score. These clips test your reaction time to a series of hazards. The pass mark is 67%.

Module 2 – Case Studies

Computer based case studies. This module consists of:

This is computer based which gives you scenarios you might encounter in your working life.

  • It aims to test your knowledge and how you put it into practice.
  • Questions will be asked around the case study and you will be asked to answer them in a number of different ways such as multiple choice, clicking an area in a photograph or typing a short answer.
  • Each test will be made up of 7 case studies, each one with 6-8 questions.
  • The pass mark is 40 out of 50.

Module 3 – 1.5 hours

Practical Driving Test

  • The test must be taken in a vehicle setup to the regulation standard including the appropriate loaded weight.
  • The LGV / PCV Driving Tests now include 5 to 10 minutes of Independent Driving where you will be asked to follow road signs as opposed to the examiner directing you.
  • The PCV driving test include an Eco-Safe driving assessment. The examiner will assess your vehicle control to see if your driving is eco-friendly. This will not go against you if you don’t, however the examiner will give you a leaflet regarding this at the end of the test if you have not complied with the eco-friendly element of the test.

Module 4 – 0.5 hours

Driver CPC Practical Test, Vehicle Safety Demonstration.

To obtain your license you will need to  complete this final module which focuses on the following:

  • Ability to load the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use
  • Security of vehicle and its contents
  • Ability to prevent criminality and trafficking of illegal immigrants
  • Ability to assess emergency situations
  • Ability to prevent physical risk
  • Demonstrate your ability through a physical, walk round vehicle safety check

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