LGV C / HGV Class2 (Large Good Vehicle) Driver Training

  • Pass your C category (Class 2) test
  • Vehicles setup for the test
  • Experienced trainers
  • Automatic with the Volvo “I Shift” gearbox
Volvo Rigid HGV LGV Driver Training Vehicle
Volvo Rigid HGV LGV Driver Training Vehicle

The C and C1 Category

The C and C1 category of vehicle is the commonly seen rigid vehicle on British roads:

  • C1 Vehicle 3,500Kg to 7,500Kg, small trailer upto 750Kg
  • C Vehicle 3,500Kg, no maximum weight
  • Any number of axles
  • Minimum driving age 18

All our vehicles are above the minimum length and loaded in line with the requirements for training and tests

HGV / LGV Driver Training

Class 2 Driver Training is the “old” term for LGV C driver training, it is one and the same. We offer driver training courses in preparation for the driving test for the C and C1 Category vehicle:

  • LGV / HGV  Rigid Category C and C1 – 1:1 courses from 2 to 5 days

Our private manoeuvring area is a fantastic place to get you started safely away from other traffic in these larger vehicles. No pressure, just get used to the vehicle before going on the open road.

All LGV / HGV courses are subject to a driving assessment.


We use Volvo FM rigid vehicles, the FM9 can be used with the drawbar trailer for the C+E licence. All are automatic with the Volvo “I Shift” gearbox.

As these vehicles are very similar apart from the chassis layout this allow for easy transition from rigid to articulated, to enable the driver to concentrate on the vehicle as a whole and less about learning new controls.

All our vehicles are specifically engineered for driver training and testing, to meet the specification required for the test including the loaded weight.

LGV / HGV Test

We will arrange the test for you, there is an extra charge for a Saturday test date.

You can use our vehicle in which to take the test or a vehicle from your business or employer. An LGV test vehicle is required to be a specific standard, so please check with us first if not using one of our vehicles.

The LGV theory test must be taken, we will help you prepare for this.

Driving Style

Driving an HGV/LGV is about road safety, and carrying your load in a way that it arrives at the destination in the expected condition. Safe driving and manoeuvring skills are required to pass the test.

Call us now 01254 384857 to arrange your HGV driver training

Call now to arrange your HGV / LGV / PCV Driver Training

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