Private Manoeuvring Area

Class 1 HGV LGV Reversing Practice

Large and safe off road area

For first time in large vehicles

Reversing practice


Class 1 HGV LGV Reversing Practice Area Markings

Revering guides

Marked distance box

Safe area


Class 1 HGV LGV Reversing Practice

Space for “S” manoeuvre

“Garage” marked with cones

Setup for all vehicles

Off road private area, safe from obstacles:

  • Our 5200 sq. metre tarmacadam manoeuvring area is situated in a quiet off road area a few minutes from our training centre.
  • It is one of the largest LGV / PCV private training and driving practice areas in the North West.
  • It allows for one or more vehicles to practice in safety at the same time.
  • This is an ideal place to begin your training with vehicle familiarisation, general vehicle control, reversing, braking and gear changing.
  • Time spent here is time well spent. You will go to your test prepared and with confidence.
  • No traffic, no road obstacles – just a wide open space to use to build up your confidence.
  • Getting used to a vehicle does take time, especially if you have never driven a large vehicle before. We set out a circuit to drive round, with stops and starts so that you develop good vehicle control.
  • When used for PCV and LGV / HGV reversing practice the driving practice area is setup as you will find for the actual the driving test.
  • Permanent markings for class 1 reversing practice.

The driving practice area can be used for:

  • PCV, Coach and Bus driver training
  • Car and trailer training
  • HGV and  LGV driver training
  • Minibus driver training
  • PCV and HGV reversing practice

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